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Non-Surgical Facial Lift

Our treatments take the efficacy of Bio- Micro-current & RF facial to a new level by pairing it with power of rejuvenating Aromatherapy Essential Synergy used on the face & body to rebalance the constitution. This combination of three treatments provides dramatic and sophisticating results.

RF Facial = Rejuvenating- $65 -30 min

anti age treatment in Whakatane 1 Radio Frequency energy is able to penetrate deeper into the skin and affect the deeper dermis and subcutaneous layers. This stimulates collagen to contract and tighten your skin. Continuous collagen production reducing wrinkles, eliminating scars, enhancing luminosity and elasticity of the skin and reversing facial sags.

Bio Non-Surgical Face lift = Remodelling- $65 30 min

anti age treatment in Whakatane 2 Micro-current is known to be the most effective Non-Surgical method to take years off the face and maintain new contour. Triggering chemical reactions at a cellular level Bio Facial enhances the production of natural collagen and elastin, and provides circulatory benefits. The result is immediate firming, toning and re-hydrating of the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Anti-Aging “Denas” Therapy- $85 – 40 min

anti age treatment in Whakatane 3 Denas- Cosmetology is a complex of two completely automatic programs: Nutrition and Lymphatic drainage. Nutrition with the extract of ocean fish roe and the impulses stimulate facial skin cells, thus improving the blood circulation; enhance the secretion of toxins, and increases metabolic processes. The results are your rejuvenated skin that feels younger and looks healthier.

Super Skin Rejuvenation / Medical Laser- facial- full face- $150

For more details, please, refer to “Laser Treatments”.

anti age treatment in Whakatane 4 SSR now works on darker skin, fine lines and wrinkles, Rosacea and open clogged pores, congested dull skin, Acne scarring & Acne pigmented skin.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Anti-cellulite/ Weight Loss Ultrasonic Complex - $120 – 1 hour

anti age treatment in Whakatane 5 The complex of intense treatment combines Tri-Polar RF, Ultrasonic, Lymphatic suction with Bi-Polar RF. Ultrasonic-is breaking down adipose tissue (fat). Tri-Polar RF handle has both mono-polar and bipolar electrodes on the same hand-piece, and targeting as deep layers of adipose tissue as less deep layer of cellulite. Finally Lymphatic drainage eliminating toxins and fat cells. In combination with healthy diet and exercise , the treatment will provide you a dramatic result.

Lymphatic suction + Bipolar RF= Detox Therapy - $75 - 1 hour

anti age treatment in Whakatane 6 Most important treatment for all of us- Eliminating toxins, Lymphatic drainage treatment combined with Bipolar RF that deliver radiofrequency waves less deeply (2-4 mm) for cellulite treatment and sculpting

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