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Ultra Technology treatments enhance the results of a traditional skin treatment, by incorporating micro currents and ultrasound to the skin and body treatments.

Lymphatic Detox Treatment

An innovative three-dimensional technology is used for this treatment, using Vacuum & Bipolar equipment.

The treatment will start with a vacuum suction procedure, that increases blood and lymph circulation, removes toxins and waste products on an intercellular level, stimulates metabolic processes and promotes cell regeneration, which improves utilisation of toxin and fatty cells. The detoxification enhances the function of the Lymphatic/ Immune system as much as 4 times.

Followed with a 30 minute Aromatherapy Detox Signature massage, where Cypress, Rosemary or Sweet Orange and Grapefruit oils will enhance your personal wellbeing and balance your body and mind.

Elura-Spa recommends a course of 6 treatments over 3 successive weeks.

Lymphatic detox treatment price: $75 for 60 minutes.


Ultrasonic Body Contouring Treatment

Looking forward to spring, it’s time to shed those comforting winter kilos and get the treatment and advice from an Elura body therapist.

Elura Body Clinic can get you looking better than ever with their ultimate body transformation. It’s an effective treatment and outstanding results for cellulite reduction, wrinkles and stretch marks.

New, revolutionary European cellulite removal technology, that does NOT involve surgery, is now available for you. This advanced, unisex skin therapy utilises non-invasive technology safely, discretely and effective treat those unwanted inches and signs of aging.

Comfortable and relaxing, each session covers your chosen area and the tree stages treatment target the stubborn fat deposits and smooth out cellulite to encourage skin tightening rejuvenation and strengthening of underlying collagen. The treatment contains effective active essential oils such as Grapefruit, Cypress and Sweet Fennel to not only help treat cellulite but improve circulation and lymphatic flow, and balance lipo-genesis that assist in preventing the formation of cellulite.

The first treatment involves a complete body composition analysis. The first appointment is 60 minutes. One treatment is 30 to 45 minutes, where a single area of the body is treated.

It is recommended that before and after each Body Contouring treatment you limit alcohol, drink 1.5 litres of water 3 hours before and immediately after treatments to help flush toxins out. Exercise is recommended immediately following each treatment for a minimum of 30 minutes (vibrating, brisk walk, etc.). A good diet and regular exercise will achieve faster results. This in conjunction with Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Contouring should see you looking slimmer and feeling healthier.

Elura-Body Clinic recommends a course of 10 treatments over 4 successive weeks.

One treatment is valued at $155, but today Elura - Body Clinic would like you to look better than ever and experience this outstanding result at a special introductory price.

Body Contouring Treatment - One treatment of single area of concern, price: $95 for 30-60 minutes

Body Contouring Treatment - one treatment of 2 areas of concern, price: $170 for 60 minutes


Ageless Facial Rejuvenation

Ageless Facial Rejuvenation treatment uses the world’s best known an advanced technology equipment. Facial Rejuvenating Treatment offers a safe, comfortable and effective way to achieve younger looking skin without a surgery.

The Treatment offers an exfoliation and soothing massage using the finest anti-aging cocktail of essential oils. Cell renewing Aromatherapy coupled with Advanced Radio –Frequency waves Therapy, these encourage the production of collagen.

After the treatment you can enjoy a tighter, younger looking skin with improved skin tone, texture and elasticity. Treatment benefits are progressive and the full effect is generally seen after a series of treatments.

The treatments are usually valued at $155, but “Elura – Skin & Body Clinic” would like you to experience the radiance of your skin at a special introductory price.

Elura-Spa recommends a course of 8 treatments over 6 successive weeks

Ageless Facial Rejuvenation - Per treatment, price $95

Ageless Facial Rejuvenation - Course of 8 treatments, price $700, you save $60

Ageless Facial Rejuvenation - Course of 4 treatments, price $360, you save $20


Infra-red Light Therapy

The properties of Infra-red light make it extremely suitable for therapeutic as well as cosmetic applications.

The therapeutic effect of Infra-red light is that it penetrates deeply into the skin, provides relief from rheumatic and muscular pain, reduces insomnia, stress and fatigue and stimulate immune system.The Infra-red light stimulates blood circulation, encourages a healthy flow of nutrients to your skin, thereby helping to keep the skin smooth, clean and free from wrinkles and toxins, resulting in fresh and glowing skin.

Simply lying back, relaxing and receiving Infra-red waves of healing and rejuvenating energy, leaving you feel restored, vital and with a sense of wellbeing.

The Infrared Light therapy is offered at the Elura-Spa as either a therapy on its own or in combination with other treatments.

Infra-red light therapy - Per treatment, price $20, allow 20 min

Infra-red light therapy - Per treatment, price $10, allow 10 min


Intensive Muscle Restoration with DENAS

This treatment is specifically designed for stressed, tight and aching muscles, to instantly release muscular pain.

Intensive Muscle Restoration - price $85, allow 60 min

Intensive Muscle Restoration - price $30, allow 30 min

DENAS Therapy (only) - price $60, allow 60 min


Micro-needle Therapy / Derma-roller

Micro-needle therapy or Derma roller is unique treatment because it demonstrated effectiveness without expensive equipment and without removing skin layers as a chemical peels or dermabrasion treatments. Derma-roller is used to create a large number of micro-channels in the epidermis and dermis of the skin to naturally stimulate production of your own collagen without removing the top layer of skin. Derma-roller does not inject any solutions, but only permits deeper infusion of anti-aging serums, therefore increasing effectiveness.

1080 needles Derma-roller is used in our clinic, it is minimally invasive, has a quick, healing time and really painless treatments.

The results you should expect from a course of the Micro-needle treatments include:

(Please note that each derma-roller is servicing a one client. During the consultation with you we will determine the best Derma-roller for your needs, these are $99 each and may be used for 2 courses of treatments) Please check Precautions for the treatment.

Micro needle Therapy - Per treatment, price $120

Micro needle Therapy - Course of 12 weekly treatments - price $1100


Essence Stimuli - Hair Loss Treatment

Discover the radical hair transformation treatment. The Essential Hair treatment involves mini- laser therapy in combination with essential oils of natural botanicals to enhance new life into your hair.

The mini- laser therapy is administered to the scalp through the multi-task comb. This pleasurable experience involves the following sequence of treatments:

Essence Stimuli Hair Loss - price $40, allow 30 min

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