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Elura-Spa is Official representation of Corporation DENAS MS - medical apparatus in New Zealand.

Dens-Therapy available in New Zealand at Elura-Spa at $60 per hour.

DENAS medical apparatus ‘Your home doctor’ - was developed in 2001 for the use by medical professionals, as well as for home-use. It is intended to provide the treatment of functional disturbances in a wide range of health issues. The Holistic approach dictates that the therapeutic impulses stimulate body systems and reactivate the body’s self-healing system, improving homeostasis - a state of equilibrium and balance in the body.

The manufacturer of the DENAS range of devices is "RC ART LLC" Russia, which is fully owned by DENAS MC Corporation. DENAS MC Corporation is a major leader and manufacturer of medical devices in Russia. DENAS and DiaDENS manufacture and distribute these medical devices throughout Europe, America, Australia and other countries, showing high performance and effective results of the Dens-Therapy.

The Denas and Dia-Dens devices are completely safe, comfortable and pleasant to use, non-invasive, non-chemical and have noticeably positive effects on the body. Denas devices stimulate the nerve to release neuropeptides-endorphins. Endorphins in the brain cause pain relief. Endorphins discovered in the Immune system, Endocrine system and throughout the body, and affect the function of the body. Denas and DiaDens apparatuses are used to treat pain, could be used on injury areas, on the reflexology areas and even may be applied onto the acupuncture points of the body.The Denas Corporation medical research center has proven the high efficiency of DENS-therapy for a wide range of cronic illnesses, diseases and as a pain relief. Denas devices are used as prophylactic and correction of health issues within organs, musculoskeletal problems, nervous system disorders, endocrine system disorders, improving the immune system, restoring respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive systems. The therapy is also used to correct skin problems, as an anti-aging therapy and during the rehabilitation period after trauma or operation. The usage of Denas devices will dramatically reduce your prescription drugs intake.

Dens treatments have no age restrictions and have very few limitations, but should not be used under influence of drugs and alcohol, or with cardio-implants, epilepsy or undiagnosed swelling (or tumor).

Denas and DiaDens devices are designed specifically for safest, easy and comfortable use, even at home. Denas devices are better than any insurance during your travel, it can be used as first aid in sunburn, trauma, allergy, back pain, infections, digestive problems and migraine. The device is light weight, compact and operates on batteries.

Invest in your health

Models & Accessories
(Prices are excl. GST)

DENAS - classical model, the most simple to operate, equipped by 2 regimes- Test and Therapy, has an informative display window and cutoff point for connecting additional electrodes, suitable for home use. Therapeutic frequencies are: 10 and 77Hz.

Denas machine in Whakatane NZ$520

DiaDens-T is the apparatus for home physiotherapy, has a wider selection of effective therapeutic frequencies (from10 to 200 Hertz).

  • Microcomputer automated personal diagnostic
  • Cutoff point for connection electrodes with apparatus body
DiaDens-T machine in Whakatane NZ$675

DiaDens-PCM is home apparatus with new system of regulation.

  • Automated diagnostic
  • Wide range of the therapeutic frequencies from 1 to 200 Hz that covers the majority of health issues
DiaDens-PCM machine in Whakatane NZ$980

DiaDens-PC is analgesic apparatus for home and professional use, has an ability to connect this devices to your computer for more precise diagnostics (FOLL, BioFOLL, BIOREPER); Therapeutic frequencies of 1.0 to 9.9 Hz (with the minimal step 0.1 Hz); new therapeutic frequencies 77.10 and 77.AM.

DiaDens-PC machine in Whakatane Please, contact for the current price.

Denas-Expert - NEW

Complex apparatus Denas-Expert is designed for electro-point computerized diagnosis of the physiological state of the body, providing you with a list of the processes and functions of all part of an organism, recommended areas for Dens-therapy as well as recommended Denas- models for home use. Denas-Expert has a new quality level based on the diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. The diagnosis after the treatment will provide the client with practical improvements of the treatment. Computerized method is easy to use, all areas have to be treated are shown on your computer screen in a logical graphics, therefore there none or minimum of possible mistakes. The program completed with cliental database.

The device is suitable for medical professionals, naturopaths

Please, contact for the current price.

Accessories for Denas, DiadDens apparatus: Massage electrodes are intended for multiple applications, using two treatment factors dynamic electro-neurone stimulation (DENS) and mechanical-therapy (massage). Massage electrodes are applied only together with the electro stimulators of DENAS and DiaDENS series. It containes: 1 flat facial electrode, used for facial lifting, lymphatic drainage; and 1 hair-brush electrode for work in the head (e.g. migraine) and other hair containing surfaces or even on animals.


Remote diagnostic electrode works with apparatus Denas, DiaDens PCM, DiaDens T.


Remote Therapeutic electrode, it is designed for accessing small zones, acupuncture points on the body and ears (auricular points), suitable for an acupunctural therapist and reflexology therapist.


Dens-glasses are additional electrodes used for prophylactic & therapeutic action on the zones around eyes for overstrained eyes, visual fatigue after an intense reading, writing or computer work, cataract, glaucoma, inflammation.


Dens-applicators are additional belt electrodes. They each consist of two multiple-electrode strips and 1 belt + 3 cuffs (one wide and two narrow) which can be adjusted with Velcro fasteners. Applicators are designed for maximum comfort to treat larger segments of the body within zones with difficult access - knee, hip, neck and shoulders.


DiaDens-Cardio is easy to apply apparatus with automatic therapeutic programme for the correction of arterial blood pressure. The course of treatment stabilizes an arterial pressure, thus accordingly reduces the level of medications taken.

DiaDens-Cardio machine in Whakatane NZ$255.00

DiaDens-Cosmo is very easy to use device, suitable as a home and professional cosmetology. It has two completely automatic programs: Nutrition and Lymphatic drainage. Electrode-mask enhances the absorption of beauty mask’s active ingredients. There are 3 type of beauty masks that have been developed to satisfy the requirements of every skin type: Moisture &Purification, Nutrition with the extract of ocean fish roe, and Anti-ageing with swallow’s nest extract. The impulses stimulate facial skin cells, thus improving the blood circulation; enhance the secretion of toxins, and increases metabolic processes. The results are your rejuvenated skin that feels younger and looks healthier.

DiaDens-Cosmo machine in Whakatane NZ$455.00


Cosmetic-masks are carefully selected and clinically approved for use as a medium in combined application with DiaDens-Cosmo beauty therapy. There are 3 type of beauty masks that have been developed to satisfy the requirements of every skin type:

  • Moisture and Purification, skin cells regeneration
  • Nutrition with the extract of ocean fish roe, anti-aging, collagen
  • Anti-ageing with swallow’s nest extract, anti-aging pigmentation

Each pack completed with 6 masks of one type.


Electrode-mask Facial electrode-mask is an additional electrode-mask works with DiaDens-Cosmo. The electrode-mask is recommended to be changed every 6 month of intensive usage


The Detailed Instruction Manual and one-on-one training (if necessary) is provided with your purchase of the product.

To order your Denas- device, please, send us an email

Try the treatments and see if Dens-Therapy is suitable for you: Dens-Therapy available with NZ qualified Body Therapist - Olia Alpatskaya at “Elura” Perfume Day Spa & Wellbeing.

Pain relief - priced at $60, allow 60 minutes for the treatment.

Wellbeing holistic Healing - priced at $60, allow 60 minutes for the treatment.

Holistic Beauty therapy - priced at $120, allow 80 minutes for the treatment.


Dens-Therapy as method of Electro-Neurone Stimulating treatment is legally registered by the Ministry of Health in Russia, therefore officially used by major medical specialists. The DENAS devices are certificated by the Russian Ministry of Health both for home application by non-specialists, and for clinical application by specialists with special medical training (Certificate of Registration of the Ministry of Health #29/23 020 701/2051/01 dated December 6, 2001). The Denas devices also have the international certificate: European Certificate of Conformance under Supplement IV - Directives 93/42/EC on medical products dated May 2, 2003, Darmstadt. Certificate #RP031222-4.

Our devices entered the European market and has got all required documents and obtained the recognition of Germany clinics in Munich and Berlin. We have registered the Denas family of devices in New Zealand “MedSafe” authorities and have all certificates allowing us to work in New Zealand.

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