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Body Polish

An innovative three-dimensional technology is used for this treatment, using Vacuum & Bipolar equipment.

ELURA SPA uses pure 100% NATURAL ingredients, for maximum clinical result.

Since the skin is our largest organ, detoxification can have profound effects on our health and sense of well-being. The body polish treatment is an excellent addition to further a mud-wrap treatment. For that all over smooth feeling skin, experience a full body polish with a range of Native New Zealand and World’s luscious compounds, healing and rejuvenating your skin. . The exfoliation will bring oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Stimulate the natural process of collagen production, open pores for further healing applications and help excrete toxins out of your body. An exfoliation treatment includes soothing hydration your skin using various body teas, soothing butters and essential oils (using Cocoa butter, Goat Milk-skin drink, Evening Primrose, Jojoba, Rosehip, Rose, Jasmine, Bergamot) to sooth and rejuvenate tissue.

Detox body polish Kelp Glow - Per treatment, price $85, allow 45 min

Rotorua Thermal Mud Body Polish cleansing & anti-oxidant - Per treatment, price $85

Herbal Revitalising Glow skin cells renewal & metabolic rate - Per treatment, price $85

Chocolate Polish Retreat Anti-aging, neutralize free radical damage - Per treatment, price $85

Treatments are available to purchase for yourself or as a gift voucher - please select.


Mud-wraps Introduction

Beneficial for both beauty and medical improvement

Your Spa- Journey begins with Dry Brush Exfoliation, this body hardening improves skin regeneration, stimulates metabolism and circulation, providing reflex effects on internal organs. Warming and relaxing Infrared heat is then used to bring oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Followed by mud-wrap of your choice, during the mud-wrap treatment you will receive a calming and balancing massage, using Shiatsu pressure points to unblock flow of Qi energy. An aromatic body nourishing and back massage is your journey destination with Elura-Spa, accordingly to your treatment- using the Cell Regeneration, detox or lymphatic stimulation oil synergy.

The following are the types of mud-wrap provided at Elura.


Rotorua Thermal Mud-wrap

The unique mineral composition of Rotorua mud provides series of health benefits, including the increase of metabolic rate, assistance with assimilation of nutrients in the body, along with strengthening of bones and nails, revitalising of the skin.

An aromatic body nourishing is your journey destination with Elura-Spa, using the Cell Regeneration essential oils synergy, composed of a luxurious nectar of Jasmine, Patchouli, Lavender and Frankincense, smoothed over the body. It penetrates the skin and renews it on the cellular level, increasing elasticity, leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

Full body - Per treatment, price $120 allow 90 min

Back of the body or Front - Per treatment, price $85 allow 50-60 min


Cleopatra’s choice-Dead Sea Mud wrap

The DEAD SEA mineral MUD wrap. It has a unique mineral composition of Dead Sea mud, providing serious health benefits, making it luxurious and feeding your skin the essentially vital minerals for healthy skin function and youthful appearance. Anti-aging oil blend used in Aromatherapy massage, stimulates new skin cells growth, increasing elasticity and leaving the skin fresh and glowing.

Full body - Per treatment, price $140 allow 90 min

Back of the body or Front - Per treatment, price $85 allow 50-60 min


Chocolate Mud Wrap

Luxury comes naturally!

Chocolate is widely recognised for its anti-aging and toning properties, as well as production of endorphins that are responsible for positive emotions in the brain. Chocolate has strong anti-oxidant effect on your body and combats free radicals and increases the rate of repair in the skin. It is a delicious sensual pathway to well-being. Delight your senses with our most beloved cocooning wrap in Chocolate Mud, this delicious guilt-free treat that will leave you feeling amazing, and looking great.

Finally full body massage using an exclusive Cocoa butter blend, formulated by Elura-Spa from 100% NATURAL ingredients of Cacao butter, Macadamia nut anti-aging oil, Olive oil, enriched with essential nectar of Rose and Jasmine. These floral melange oils massaged into your skin, stimulate new skin cells growth on the intercellular level, increase elasticity and leaving the skin eminently scented and delicately soft.

Full body - Per treatment, price $160, allow approximately 100 min

Back of the body or Front - Per treatment, price $95, allow approximately 60 min


Pelotherapy Healing Wrap

This is the must gain experience filled with highly charged ions clay particles that have significant pulling power. It reacts with your skin to provide health, reduce the edema, and support the immune and lymphatic systems, which overall engages healing processes.

Pelotherapy- is a healing with the Earth’s power. This treatment uses the Bentonite clay, that contains significant extraction force to draw bacteria, viruses, internal toxins and other pathogenic material out from blood, liver, and kidneys. The treatment includes Detox body massage, where detox essential oils are used. Aromatic and cleansing essential oils of Sweet Fennel, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Sandalwood or Juniper berry will be blended especially for you.

Enjoy the Mysterious Healing Clay Wrap to enhance your health, rejuvenate your skin and experience deep cleansing, including detoxification from Radiation.

The Pelotherapy treatment is valued at $160; however, the Elura-Spa wishes to enhance your body’s healing and maintain your health, therefore offers you this miracles treatment at special introductory price.

General wrap full body - Per treatment, price $120 allow 90 min

Back of the body or Front - Per treatment, price $75 allow 60 min


Thalassotherapy Seaweed Wrap

Thalassotherapy is the healing with a sea sources.

The sea is a rich source of valuable nutrients and minerals that have beneficial effects on human body, and especially noticed by your skin. Seaweed wrap- Algae helps to reduce cellulite by providing enzymes, vitamins and minerals to the deeper layers of the skin which help to break down fatty cells and expelling the toxins, stimulating the cell renewal and leaving your body feeling ageless transformed.While being enveloped in a marine mask of Algae, you will experience Hot Basalt Rocks placed on your Major Chakras, to balance your Life-Force energy Qi. Your Thalassotherapy voyage destination is the Detox massage using essential oil combination that may include Sweet Fennel, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Sandalwood or Juniper Berry. Melody of scents will be blended especially for you, intensifying your beauty from within, leaving your skin cashmere-smooth and glowing.

Full body - Per treatment, price $140 allow 100 min

Back of the body or Front - Per treatment, price $95 allow 60 min


Oasis Aloe - Sunburn Treatment

The skin, especially the skin on our faces gets exposed to the harmful solar radiation every day. If you have overexposed your skin to the sun, and ended up with sunburn, the most effective treatment you can use is the Oasis Aloe. It does not simply help to ease your discomfort and reduce the pain, but also helps the skin repair, which is not offered by any other convenience product. Elura Spa introduces you to the Dens-Therapy (European New Technology device), Native Maori Herb Cooling Compress, which will help to reduce the pain and inflammation. Then the gentle mask is used that consists of Aloe Vera that has been enriched with vitamin E, Healing Lavender and Manuka (Tea Tree) essential oils and St. John’s wort oil, and that will sooth your pain and heat, and will repair the damaged cells.

Oasis Aloe Sunburn treatment - Per treatment, price $95 allow 60-90 min


Winter Mustard Recharge - Cough Treatment

Mustard is a natural and wonderfully invigorating substance that has a qualities that create alluring mystique of health benefits. Winter Mustard Recharge is suitable for back pain, internal congestion, poor circulation, bronchitis and sciatica. Magic mustard treatment starts with Mustard Feet Spa. The warmth of the spice will rise up and infiltrate throughout your whole body. To reinforce the healing, the Mustard Pack applied to your back, will generate very deep heat into the body. The unique power of the mustard pack diminishes the worst congestions. Then Aroma back massage using immune stimulating Tea Tree, Thyme and Lemon essential oils will keep you warm, balanced and resisting illness. There is nothing quite as magical and recharging as a vigorous Mustard Heat Pack.

Full Winter Mustard Recharge - Per treatment, price $110 allow 60 min

Mini Winter Mustard Recharge - Per treatment, price $60 allow 35 min


Deluxe Hands & Feet Aroma-Spa

Deluxe luxurious hands or feet enhancement includes exfoliating, mud wrap of your choice and massage using an aromatic essential oils synergy. . Your hands and arms will undergo deep nourishment using special blends of oils and creams to provide you with the best results. The oils and creams that are used in this treatment are loaded with anti-aging Macadamia nut oil, Wheat germ oil that is rich in Vitamin E, and Cocoa butter that helps skin regeneration. Restorative oils are used on the hand skin to deeply nourish rough, dry hands leaving them soft, smooth and deeply moisturised. Your hands will be treated with Rose and Jasmine essential anti-aging synergy. Your feet will be massaged with essential healer Myrrh and Sandalwood.

You will also receive a special complimentary enhancing cuticle treatment.

Deluxe Hands & Feet Aroma Spa - Per treatment, price $120 allow 60 min

Hands Aroma- Spa - Per treatment, price $65 to allow 30 min

Feet Aroma-Spa - Per treatment, price $65 to allow 30 min


Parafango Spa Wrap

Parafango is a warm sea mud and paraffin blend brushed over your body, which creates a mini-sauna effect to stimulate body’s lymphatic flow and draw out toxins. Dry body exfoliation leads the treatment. Parafango Wrap is designed to reduce muscle and joint aches, sooth the symptoms of Arthritis, as well as safely reducing cellulite, thus ensuring dramatic centimetre loss after a course of treatments. Followed by massage using an essential oils synergy, ether ease an Arthritis and pain or anti-cellulite essential oil blend.

Full Parafango Spa-wrap - Per treatment, price $140 allow 60 min

Hands or Feet Parafango wrap - Per treatment, price $65


Olive Secret of Youth & Beauty Experience

The wonderful, alluring package of Olive Festival for a dry and dehydrated skin includes exfoliation your skin with olive oil and Himalayan salt, herbal (Olive leaf, Roses and Kaffir lime leaves, Fennel- body tea) wrap with warm olive oil massage from top to toes. The olive oil enriched with Mandarin, Cinnamon and Bergamot essential oils. Facial olive oil Aroma-Spa of famous beauties- Sophia Loren & Juliette Binoche’s for overall radiance, enriched with Rose, Patchouli and Jasmine precious oils synergy with anti-aging 24K Gold mask.

For the total olive oil experience you will be offered a cup of olive leaf tea, traditional olive oil tasting experience and taste our organically grown olives. You also will take home a surprise present from your Olive Festival Experience.

Olive Secret of Youth & Beauty Experience - Per treatment, price $ 380 Allow 3-4 hours


Girl’s Day Out Experience

Ruby Package


Package price: $225/ per person

Top Golden Package


Package price: $450/per person

Spa Facials


Revive Facial: Décolleté Aroma-spa

Revive Facial/Décolleté Aroma-Spa - Per treatment, price $95

Revive Facial/Décolleté Aroma-Spa - For 4 sessions spread over 4 weeks, price $340

Effects go beyond the surface leaving you fully replenished and rejuvenated from the skin, inward.


The Ultimate Deluxe Aroma-spa

The luxurious facial oil blend, may include Rose, Jasmine, Neroli or Everlasting precious essential oils in your treatment, to promote cell renewal and regeneration, increase elasticity, leaving your skin heavenly radiant and delicately scented. The treatment includes:

The Ultimate Deluxe Aroma-Spa - Per treatment, price $145


Deep Cleanse - Cleopatra’s Facial Spa

This is a purifying treatment for oily and combination skin. Powerful essential oils, with antibacterial properties, penetrate deep into the skin, helping to balance sebum production, and draw out impurities.

Cleopatra’s Facial Spa - Per treatment, price $120


Anti-aging Masque 24k Gold Leaf facial Spa

You can now improve your skin and beauty with the help of a 24k Gold Leaf Facial Spa. The concept of gold facial is deemed to be based on Ayurveda and acts as a powerful anti- ageing treatment, and makes you look younger.

Gold Leaf glow as it veils the skin with iridescence, and intensified with luxurious Facial floral melange sheen over your skin that illuminates and revive your skin texture, and add a lasting glow to your appearance. This amazing treatment is ideal to intense an anti-aging facial spa experience, that lightens and brightens your skin. This facial will revive and balance your skin condition leaving it radiant and glowing with vitality.

24k Gold Leaf Facial Spa - Per treatment, price $185 allow 60 min

24k Gold Leaf Facial/Décolleté Spa - Per treatment, price $210


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